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Now held in four locations, New York, Chicago, Toronto and London, SC Congress is a unique conference and expo experience for private and public sector information security professionals. It offers practical solutions, expert guidance and timely information to help effectively combat today's cyber criminals. Given huge jumps in the number of cyber attacks, such assistance should go a long way in helping you strengthen your organization's risk management position and tighten up needed security controls.

Earn educational credits for attending keynotes and sessions conducted by thought-leading professionals delivering practical insight about the latest methods of attack that you as a security professional can immediately put to use on return to your offices. Luminaries speaking at our events will share news on the latest cyber threats, business-enabling technologies, compliance mandates and more. In addition to expert-led talks and panels, an expo hall packed with leading vendors and service providers can help you make sense of the evolving threat landscape and the various security technologies to support your efforts.

If you're looking to bolster your security and risk management plans to battle today's sophisticated cyber criminals, implement security controls that are both resilient to attacks and support regulatory compliance efforts, and address the security risks associated with the newest technologies forming the basis of your corporate infrastructures - from mobile devices to cloud services - you don't want to miss our events.

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